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Schooling and Learning

Our (Indian) educational system is terribly pathetic. It pains. It hurts. Because the foundation is so bad, there is no wonder that we see a ton of problems unsolved to say the least.

Parents send their kids to school not with the goal of enhancing the kids knowledge through education and learning. They do so because they want their kids to participate in the race of discrimination very early on in life, hoping it would prepare them to land in cosy jobs. Tell them that what they do is wrong, they instantly hit back citing the corporate advertisements or job boards. Heck, it's a vicious circle that nobody wants to break.

The birth of new hopes, comes with Angad Daryani, a home-schooler aged 15 years, who invented an eye-pad for the blind. What an invention..hats off!

Let's listen what this genius has to say in TEDxGateway 2013