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Conference: Dev Day 2013, Colombo, Sri Lanka

I had the good opportunity to deliver a talk in Dev Day 2013, Colombo, Sri Lanka. What was more interesting is the fact that there were many opportunities in the form of surprises resulting in a lot of learning. So I played the roles of an audience member, a speaker, guest interviewee, and finally an interviewer. I can't ask for more, can I??

First things first, the edited version of my talk can found below. For some weird or unfortunate reason the edit garbled some of my words and actions. Think of it as excerpts of my talk and then I hope you get to enjoy the talk ;)

The slide-deck for this talk can be found in slideshare and is embed below:

As an after-conference event I was invited for a quick interview. Honestly, I felt very conscious and shy sitting very close to the cameras. It's more a learning experience to me and I thanks Johannes Brodwall for giving me this opportunity. This talk is now published and I've embed it below for you to watch.

I wanted to do something more. I requested Johannes Brodwall to see if I can possibly do a role reversal and take his interview. All this happened on the go and Johannes was all game for it...and we did it. This interview can be watched from the video-embed below.

Johannes is the Oslo based Chief Scientist for the Sri Lanka based company Exilesoft. He trains distributed teams in engineering practices and contributes to projects halfway across the world. He is an active contributor to the programmer community in Oslo and Sri Lanka and a veteran speaker in Norway and abroad.
Did I tell you, my perspectives about Sri Lanka changed after I've met many a folks there. They are indeed kind and helpful people. I intend to visit Sri Lanka again, this time though on a vacation ;)

It's here I got to know of Dr. Venkat Subramaniam at a personal level and was fortunate to get his personal attention and advice. Thank you, Venkat!

I also got to meet Naresh Jain in person. It was a new beginning and guess we got to learn about each other...and more at Agile Kerala 2013 subsequently. Naresh is indeed a super cool and nice guy, that I like and respect him.

Photos of the event can be found in facebook.

Overall it's a fantastic experience of participating in the Dev Day 2013, conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka.