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How I started to enjoy the ceremonial daily stand-up?

NOTE: If you're to land in this post directly, without having read the post, Why I hate the ceremonial daily stand-up?, please do read it before reading further. Its worth your time.
This post details the golden advices that helped me and my team enjoy the ceremonial daily stand-up. Try it, and so should you.
  • Always do stand-up meetings in open space even if the team is distributed. If it hurts your distributed team meetings badly and for genuine reasons, then you may think of considering to have stand-ups in a conference room.
  • It is always a good practice for the stand-up meeting to happen near the physical card-wall.
  • Stick to the stand-up time after having decided it on team consensus. For no reason can the stand-up time be shifted temporarily - it kicks in laxity.
  • The speaker in the stand-up meeting should have the license to speak.
  • Every team member should adopt the consensual update template.
  • Introduce the party meter for the fun and energy it can magically bring in the team.