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Agile Tour 2011, India

Agile Tour 2011, India @ Chennai on 12-November-2011

I had the opportunity to give two extempo lightening talks to the people at this conference. The topics were, "The attitude that an individual and team has to carry when the CI build breaks" and "Planning is important but plans are not". I felt compelled to share my experience and thoughts on those topics,  because I observed that the delegates were discussing about it more and wanted more clarity.

How my talks were received?

Oh I guess, it was well received as many could understand and appreciate it prompting them to talk and ask more questions about Agile post my talks. I doubly enjoyed it, because there were both developers and management folks equally interested to learn more and more by way of discussing things in their mind with me.

Secondly, Preethi Madhu, ThoughtWorks India, Head of Consulting, was happy to provide a very positive feedback to me. Thanks Preethi :)

May I request your feedback on my talks?

If you have attended/participated-in my talk and discussions thereafter,...and have something to share, then please feel to put yout thoughts across by way of comments to this blog post.

Also, if you have published any photographs of the event, please do share them in the comments section and I shall make a reference to it all by posting the links in this blog post.

My views on the overall event

I appreciate Madhur Kathuria (CSC, Product Operations Manager, PegaSystems) and his team, for hosting and organizing the event in a manner that is conducive for open discussions/learnings and for the impromptu lightening talks and open-space event -if it is not for this, the delegates wouldn't have recognized the speaker in me!.

If at all there is something I would wish, it would be that there was a video recording of the session. I would have loved to publish my talks in my blog post :P

Update: The pictures of the even can be found in FaceBook.