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Ruby Conf India 2011

I happened to be one of the speakers in this international conference that was held at Bangalore. What pleasure and privilege! The subject of my talk was Deciphering the Ruby Object Model, aimed to help fellow ruby enthusiasts level up their understanding and appreciation of Ruby as a programming language. The talk was well received by many a folks who had attended my session. I wish to thank every one who had personally come over to me for sharing their feedback with me.

You can download the presentation from any of the below mentioned locations:
Once the conference videos are published, I'll be glad to add its link here ;) Okie, it is now published, so please find it below:

Deciphering The Ruby Object Model from Innovation & Technology Trust on Vimeo.
For all the positive feedback I had received, I intend to very soon publish a couple of blog posts detailing on specific areas of interest. If you have attended my talk and wish I write up a blog post or two on specific areas please do feel free to communicate it via comments to this blog post and I shall make my humble and sincere attempts to dispell some of the confusion and enlighten you in that area.

Any other feedback that you would like to share is also welcome ;) You may always use the comments section of this blog for this purpose.

A few sites or blog posts that did have a mention of my talk or appreciations/criticism for my talk are put listed below. They'll be my motivation to move forward - further and faster!

Some live tweets while I was delivering my talk can be found below:

As I have mentioned in my talk, the following books should be a part of your reading book-shelf if you are serious about programming in Ruby: