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Externalizing ALL application specific configurations to a file outside of Rails ROOT

It has been quite a while since I wanted to externalize all application specific configurations to a file outside of Rails ROOT, so that when my application is deployed in production, it picks up the configurations from a file in some specific location outside of Rails environment. The sysadmin makes changes to this file as is required and he alone knows or is eligible to know all these configuration details and certainly not the development team.

The application that I'm having in my mind is an internal rails application that gets deployed in an internal hosting environment instead of hosting it in a external environment like Heroku, etc.

Follow through the self-explanatory code snippets to get an understanding of how I achieve it in simple way. For the noobs, the quick explanation would be that the code snippet in environment.rb file reads the YAML file from system to copy all key value pairs to Rails' ENV hash. This ENV hash is available everywhere while/on/after application load.  

File: config/environment.rb
# Mechanism to load all application related configurations
$CONFIG_FILE = "/var/myapp/config/jsconfig.yml"
require 'yaml'
APP_CONFIG.each do |key, value|
  ENV[key] = value

#3rd Party Server's (that my application is using) Configurations here...
3RD_PARTY_SERVER_URL = ENV['3rd_party_webservice_endpoint_url']
3RD_PARTY_SERVER_CREDENTIALS = {:username => ENV['3rd_party_server_username'], :password=> ENV['3rd_party_server_password']}

File: /var/myapp/config/jsconfig.yml
3rd_party_webservice_endpoint_url: url
3rd_party_server_username: username
3rd_party_server_password: password
myapp_db_url: jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:XE
myapp_db_username: kartz
myapp_db_password: rails_savvy

File: /var/myapp/config/database.yml
  adapter: oracle_enhanced
  url: <%= ENV['myapp_db_url'] %>
  username: <%= ENV['myapp_db_username'] %>
  password: <%= ENV['myapp_db_password'] %>
  encoding: utf8

  adapter: oracle_enhanced
  url: <%= ENV['myapp_db_url'] %>
  username: <%= ENV['myapp_db_username'] %>
  password: <%= ENV['myapp_db_password'] %>
  encoding: utf8

  adapter: oracle_enhanced
  url: <%= ENV['myapp_db_url'] %>
  username: <%= ENV['myapp_db_username'] %>
  password: <%= ENV['myapp_db_password'] %>
  encoding: utf8

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